Phoenix Magazine Top Dentists

Dr. Steven Goldstein is honored to have been listed as Phoenix Magazine’s Top Dentists.

Phoenix Magazine Top Dentists 10-Year Club Award Dr. Steven Goldstein Dentist Scottsdale, AZ

He’s been awarded top dentists for the following years and categories:

  • 2022 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2021 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2020 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2019 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2018 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2017 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2016 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2015 Cosmetic Dentists
  • 2013 Prosthodontists
  • 2012 Prosthodontists & Cosmetic Dentists

Choosing the Top Dentists

Every spring, PHOENIX Magazine mails 1,600 surveys to randomly selected dentists throughout the Valley. The survey asks the dentists to write the names of three dentists who they deem the best in each of eight specialties. The dentists mail the surveys back to us, and we tally the votes in each category. Once the top vote-getters are determined, we obtain the dentists’ contact information from the Arizona State Dental Board, and our fact checkers verify their information.

PHOENIX Magazine does not give any preference to dentists who advertise. The Top Dentists are determined purely based on the number of votes they receive. Our sales staff does not see the list until the magazine is printed; if there are instances when a dentist on the list also has an ad in the magazine, it is merely coincidence. With the exception of the five randomly chosen dentists profiled, the dentists also have no advance knowledge of whether they made the list.

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