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If your smile is affecting your life why not change it in a single day?*
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Our Team Based Dental Approach Offers:

Doctor Consultation

When you come in for a consultation, you won’t be meeting with a dental implant consultant. You will meet with me, the doctor, who will show and explain to you what is involved in your treatment and answer any questions you may have. You are also welcome to bring a family member or friend with you to the consultation.

One Fixed Fee

We treat you right! We place 4-6 implants per arch depending on your case type and dental anatomy. We also offer various types of prosthesis, ranging from fixed to removable. You get to choose what options best suite you. All for one single fee.

Experienced Implant Specialists

My dental implant team is patient centric: based around your desires and needs. We have worked together for over 15 years. We are highly experienced specialists in implant dentistry and perform these procedures daily. I am also an educator teaching restorative implant dentistry to dentists throughout the country. As the restorative dentist and team leader, I am not limited to working with just one surgeon or dental laboratory technician. Some cases require highly specialized procedures that only a few surgeons can perform. Other cases require parts and equipment that a single dental laboratory does not have access to. I have the ability to create the appropriate team for your specific case, maximizing the quality and results.

Laboratory Procedures

The digital world has made dentistry very “high-tech” with various implant parts milled and manufactured in different locations in the world. Based on your particular case, we decide who and where your parts will be fabricated within the USA. We do not send any part of your case off shore to “save money.” We are also happy to disclose to you the manufacturer and origin of all the materials used in your case.

Advanced Technology

My dental team and I use the most advanced technology, including but not limited to, CAT Scan X-rays, IV or General Sedation, and CAD-CAM design and milling. Yes, this technology is great, however, more important is knowing what you are doing for a particular patient. The machines are just tools and it is the team of doctors that make the decisions and run the machines!

Immediate Follow-Up Treatment

During your healing period, we will see you for checkup visits (at no additional costs). I will also evaluate the function and esthetics of your new smile and also make sure you are able to clean it properly. Any issues noted will be modified in the final case.

Long Term Maintenance

We want to help you maintain your new smile indefinitely and employ multiple dental hygienists that are intimately familiar with cleaning and maintaining dental implants (as well as natural teeth).

Two Locations

My surgical team members are located within five miles of each other. Each of our offices are set up for our particular specialty. Your new smile is designed with your input and our experienced team of doctors and technicians. Your surgery is done at the surgeons office, which is set up specifically for surgical procedures. On the day of your implant surgery, a team from my office and a dental laboratory technician will meet you at the surgeons office and complete the procedure. You will leave the surgeons office with your new smile. Almost never will you have to go to multiple offices in the same day.

The Truth About Immediate Implant Dentistry

Regardless of which dental team, dental implant center, or individual dentist you choose to place your dental implants, you will leave with brand new “temporary” teeth the same day. I have seen many misleading ads for “Teeth in a day™” and not one lets you know that they are immediate temporary teeth. With that being said, this is a wonderful procedure that will immediately change your smile. You will also be able to evaluate how your temporary teeth feel and function during the healing phase (typically three-six months) in which the titanium implants “integrate” or fuse to the bone. Yes, you will look and feel better in one day, however, you will still need to have multiple appointments to complete your case with the new final restoration. At this point in time, there is no dental team that can place the final restoration in a single appointment.

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